Enhancing User Verification

With the aim of reducing the risks of fraud and scams, Shopmatey is introducing Profile Verification through SingPass. SingPass, the national digital identity for Singapore residents, enables seamless and reliable verification of user profiles on the platform. By undergoing the verification process, users can contribute to a more trustworthy community and enjoy the benefits of a verified Shopmatey profile.

The Benefits of Profile Verification

By verifying their Shopmatey profiles, Singapore Citizens, PRs, and Pass Holders can enjoy a host of benefits. Firstly, the verification process significantly reduces the risks of fraud and scams on the platform. It acts as a strong deterrent to potential malicious activities, making Shopmatey a safer place to shop and transact.

Moreover, a verified profile adds an extra layer of trust and credibility to users’ online presence. Upon successful verification, users receive a special verification badge—a cool checkmark—that is prominently displayed on their profile. This badge serves as a visual symbol of authenticity, helping other users identify trustworthy sellers and buyers within the Shopmatey community.

How to Get Verified

Getting your Shopmatey profile verified is a simple and straightforward process. If you are a Singapore Citizen, PR, or Pass Holder.

You can verify with this simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Profile tab
  2. Head over to Account Setting by clicking on the top right gear icon
  3. Begin the process by tapping Verify Identity through Singpass
  4. A website will load with a Singpass QR code, tap on it to be directed to the Singpass app
  5. Review and approve request, remember the only information we will retrieve is your Legal Name
  6. Head back to the Shopmatey app
  7. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced verification!


Shopmatey’s integration of GovTech Singapore’s sgID identity provider service marks a significant milestone in enhancing user verification and promoting a safe online shopping environment. By prioritizing citizen privacy and implementing robust identity verification measures, Shopmatey is committed to protecting its users from fraudulent activities. Profile Verification through SingPass not only reduces the risks of scams but also provides users with a verification badge, signifying credibility and trustworthiness.

If you’re a Singapore Citizen, PR, or Pass Holder, don’t miss out on the opportunity to verify your Shopmatey profile. Join us today and experience a safer, more secure, and trustworthy online shopping journey with Shopmatey.

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